What results can you and your organization expect from using Next Turn services?
Statements from those who work with Next Turn:

  • “An increase in relational productivity,” Vice President, life science company
  • “Effective strategies for enhancing one’s management skills,” Manager, research institution
  • “Enhanced group’s professional development,” President, professional association
  • “Stronger relationships and better working environments,” Manager, high technology company
  • “On top of trends in the training and development industry,” Vice President, publishing company
  • “Excellent at helping to successfully bridge gaps,” Vice President, medical technology company

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Results – Products

In all our services, we are proud to rely on Wiley DiSC® System assessment products, proven by more than 40 million users over 30 years to be one of the most effective business tool suites ever created. Employees at all levels have experienced an increase in personal and professional achievement using these assessments.

And if you have internal trainers, our products make the perfect solution! They include comprehensive facilitation kits, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and assessments— everything your trainers need for success.

Key Benefits of DiSC® Assessments:

  • Positive orientation
  • Incorporates action plans
  • Measured for validity
  • Based on solid research
  • Scaled to the current population
  • Online versions are easy to take with immediate results available
  • Facilitator kits and presentation materials also available

Our training products help you and your team develop the critical interpersonal business skills needed to maximize performance and productivity. Visit our Products section for details about Wiley DiSC® System products, including how you can order directly from our website.

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