We hope you find a few or all of these sites helpful. Next Turn’s choices are based on sites that offer valuable information at reasonable prices.

  1. www.shrm.org
    Excellent reference website for Human Resource professionals which includes links to other Human Resource references.
  2. www.hbsp.harvard.edu
    Links to Harvard Business School articles, newsletters, conferences, etc.
  3. www.dol.gov
    Extensive source of information for employees and employers regarding laws, regulations, statistics and data and useful news items from the Department of Labor.
  4. www.bls.gov
    Comprehensive site for surveys and reports on employment, compensation, working conditions, and employment projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  5. www.meetingbridge.com
    Teleconferencing and webinar seminar services.
  6. www.quotationspage.com
    Excellent website for finding quotations to use in presentations or writing.
  7. www.toastmasters.org
    Worldwide organization of Toastmasters which specializes in learning speaking and communication skills through speech preparation and delivery. Local chapter meetings can be found on this website.