Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit


The Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit includes everything you need to conduct a variety of customized training sessions using the Workplace Profile®.

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The Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit includes everything you need to conduct a variety of customized training sessions using the Workplace Profile®. The Kit includes a USB (flash drive) with professionally designed PowerPoint® presentations, printable Participant Handouts, Leader’s Guides and 25 Workplace Interaction Guides.

Everything DiSC Workplace® helps build better relationships — one relationship at a time. It can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace.

Everything DiSC Workplace® Kit is classroom training that uses online pre-work and engaging facilitation with contemporary video and follow-up to create a personalized learning experience.

When employees understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with, the result is more effective and productive working relationships.
Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:

  • Discovering Your DiSC® Style
  • Understanding Other Styles
  • Building More Effective Relationships
  • Includes Optional People-Reading Module

The Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit is designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile.

Three 90-minute modules, fully-scripted facilitation with engaging activities and workplace-focused video. Also includes 30-minute optional people-reading module.

Easily Customizable: Switch out video clips. Modify the PowerPoint, Leader’s Guide, and handouts. Add or delete sections to fit any timeframe.

  • Module 1: Discovering your DiSC Style: Participants discover how DiSC styles affect their workplace relationships and explore the priorities that drive them at work.
  • Module 2: Understanding Other Styles: Participants learn what works for them and what challenges them when working with each DiSC style.
  • Module 3: Building More Effective Relationships: Participants create strategies and an action plan to overcome challenges when working with people of different DiSC styles.
  • Optional People-Reading Module: Participants learn how to identify others’ DiSC styles based on behavioral cues.

Engaging Video
Contemporary video includes a seven-minute introduction to DiSC workplace styles plus 13 additional segments:
The Workplace (7 minutes)
Introduces the DiSC model and describes the four styles.

Choose Your Coworker (1 segments)
A game show host introduces four coworkers of different DiSC styles and interviews them on their instinctive reactions to each other.

Workplace Strategies (4 segments)
Interviews describe the challenges and strategies for working with each DiSC style.

People Reading (8 segments)
One actor models the various DiSC styles.
Pick and choose clips that fit your needs. Use the video three ways:

  • Stand-alone clips
  • Integrated with the facilitation PowerPoint
  • Integrated into your custom PowerPoint

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