Feedback For You

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“Feedback”. Does that word conjure up good or bad images for you? One of the most important and difficult tasks of a leader is to give constructive feedback. I jokingly say it is why managers make the “big bucks.” In fact it is trust that the organization confers upon the manager – trust that you… Read more »

Accountability Begins at the Beginning

Management Tips.

In any strategic initiative, one of the opening stages is to identify the key stakeholders–individuals who will endorse and support the change sought by the project. Those key stakeholders are usually identified as high level executives (CEO, CAO, CTO, etc.), Vice Presidents, Department Directors and sometimes managers. Rarely, if ever, are the key stakeholders identified… Read more »

Forget Goals, First the Vision

Management Tips.

In January and February, there is always a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions and goal setting. I recommend a different plan…create a vision first before setting your goals. And make it a bold vision. Allow me to offer a homey simile of vision and goals from my childhood. In my small town, summertime… Read more »

Discover San Francisco Giants’ Secret Sauce

Management Tips.

The secret sauce, a perfect combination of ingredients that guarantees good teamwork, eludes many managers. Yet the manager of our home team–SF Giants’ Bruce Bochy–has mastered it. Since professional baseball provides the ultimate example of teamwork, the work world can learn a lot from our home town baseball skipper. A recent headline announced: “Respect Is… Read more »

Be the Engaging Manager You’d Like to Have

Management Tips.

Are you un-engaged at work? A better question may be, “Are you an engaging manager?” Why is it important to engage your employees? In the well-regarded book, 12:The Elements of Great Managing, author Rodd Wagner, principal of Gallup (of Gallup Polls) reports that engaged employees average 27% less absenteeism than those who are disengaged. Wagner… Read more »