Teams That Trust

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We all want to be on a team where people trust one another. The environment is friendly, cooperative and often innovative. There is a positive pulse that is almost palpable. We look forward to being with the people at work. Regrettably, untrusting teams seem to be more the norm. Why? As usual, sports teams offer… Read more »

Power Partners

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Several years ago I recognized a common phenomenon when working with teams. It would begin like this: I would meet with the manager of the team to assess needs and analyze team dynamics prior to designing a training program or consulting project. The manager would proceed to tell me about two individuals (sometimes more) who… Read more »

Win-Win Outcomes

Management Tips.

It sounds good . . . what does it mean? “Many people think in terms of either/or:  Either you’re nice or you’re tough.  Win-win requires that you be both.  It is a balancing act between courage and consideration.  To go for win-win, not only do you have to be empathic, but you also have to… Read more »

Giants’ Secret Sauce

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While I am writing this, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. We in San Francisco have become a bit superstitious (in a good way) about even-numbered years… 2010, 2012….2014, we hope we hope!  How did they get from there to here?  There: Inconsistent, up and down season, lots of injuries, many surprising mistakes,… Read more »

What is the perfect size group?

Management Tips.

Last week I facilitated Next Turn’s DISC certification program sponsored by the Northern California Human Resource Association.  DISC is a behavior style assessment tool that can heighten self-awareness and offer strategies to improve work relationships.  The train-the-trainer program shows participants how to use the DISC tool in their own organizations. The members were talented Human… Read more »

Listening to the Bottom Line

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When we think of communication, most of us automatically think of how we express ourselves orally and in writing.  But how we express ourselves is only half of communicating.  The other half is listening to what others have to say.  Most people aren’t very good at it. It’s no wonder people have trouble listening.  The… Read more »

Who Are Your Game Changers?

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Every team contains people who can make the difference between cohesion and conflict.  I call these individuals game changers.  When I facilitate for intact teams, they are easy to spot because their peers listen to them more closely. They have an impact and it is usually significant. Allow me to use as an example my… Read more »

Go, Team!

Management Tips.

This past Labor Day, my sister, who has absolutely no interest in baseball, surrendered to some coercion and agreed to go to the San Francisco Giants game with me. The thrilling game, which went into extra innings, was described by catcher Buster Posey as “one of the best wins of the season.” My reluctant sister… Read more »

Tips on Giving Feedback

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“Make feedback specific, adaptive, constructive and on-time.” Jill McGillen Specific: Give examples Adaptive: What is the most effective approach to the individual? Constructive: Build up with solutions, don’t tear down with negativity On-Time: Give feedback as close to the occurrence as possible Is it kind, true and necessary? If the spirit of kindness is present,… Read more »