Teams That Trust

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We all want to be on a team where people trust one another. The environment is friendly, cooperative and often innovative. There is a positive pulse that is almost palpable. We look forward to being with the people at work. Regrettably, untrusting teams seem to be more the norm. Why? As usual, sports teams offer… Read more »

Power Partners

Leadership, Management Tips, Teamwork.

Several years ago I recognized a common phenomenon when working with teams. It would begin like this: I would meet with the manager of the team to assess needs and analyze team dynamics prior to designing a training program or consulting project. The manager would proceed to tell me about two individuals (sometimes more) who… Read more »

Giants’ Secret Sauce

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While I am writing this, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. We in San Francisco have become a bit superstitious (in a good way) about even-numbered years… 2010, 2012….2014, we hope we hope!  How did they get from there to here?  There: Inconsistent, up and down season, lots of injuries, many surprising mistakes,… Read more »

Influencing Outcomes


“The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions.” — John Hancock Over sixty years ago, Dale Carnegie wrote the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. The book has remained relevant through several revisions.  In some ways, influencing skills have become even more important over time. Why? Reduced… Read more »

The HR-Led Business


Among the many changes occurring in today’s business trends, perhaps no element is undergoing more transformation than Human Resources. In the past HR’s role was seen as kind of an expanded version of the benefits department with a focus on compliance, but over time it has developed leadership and strategic focus. On October 8, 2013,… Read more »

Communicate with Style

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When you communicate, do you do it with style? Before you begin wondering whether you are stylish enough, may I explain.  In our training programs we use a popular behavior style profile called DISC, an acronym representing four styles or communication preferences.  A person can take a self-assessment that results in a personalized profile. I… Read more »

Influencing Business Partners


In today’s workplace, influencing has become more important than ever. Why? Organizational hierarchies have flattened; people work more closely with other departments on company projects.  Cross-functional teams must complete tasks on tight deadlines. Cooperation among employees is critical, and that may mean peers influencing each other to get things done in a timely way—reprioritizing their… Read more »

A Vision for You


January often brings a mixed bag of feelings.  The holidays are over.  For some that is a relief and for others a disappointment . . . back to reality.  January more than anything is a time to reflect and begin to strategize on plans for the year . . . a doorway to the remainder… Read more »

Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Around Thanksgiving a small smile appears on my face that pretty much stays in place right into January.  That smile reflects the old holiday jingle, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  Yes, there is too much commercialism, and yes, the pace can get frantic.  We may be called upon to attend functions we’d… Read more »

Who Are Your Game Changers?

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Every team contains people who can make the difference between cohesion and conflict.  I call these individuals game changers.  When I facilitate for intact teams, they are easy to spot because their peers listen to them more closely. They have an impact and it is usually significant. Allow me to use as an example my… Read more »