How Do You Like to Learn?


“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” -Chinese proverb Recently I was a guest on an SAP-sponsored radio program called Game-Changers discussing the way that different generation groups prefer to learn. While conducting research for the program, I had a conversation with a 28-year-old female friend about the process of learning.  I… Read more »

Communicate with Style

Education, Leadership.

When you communicate, do you do it with style? Before you begin wondering whether you are stylish enough, may I explain.  In our training programs we use a popular behavior style profile called DISC, an acronym representing four styles or communication preferences.  A person can take a self-assessment that results in a personalized profile. I… Read more »

Listening to the Bottom Line

Education, Management Tips.

When we think of communication, most of us automatically think of how we express ourselves orally and in writing.  But how we express ourselves is only half of communicating.  The other half is listening to what others have to say.  Most people aren’t very good at it. It’s no wonder people have trouble listening.  The… Read more »

Work, Home and Continuing Education: A Juggling Act


This time of year always makes me wistful. Autumn is closing in on the end of the year. Yet autumn also signals new beginnings, new lessons to learn, new people to meet and in the San Francisco area, beautiful blue skies and warm weather! For many it also means back to school. For some like… Read more »