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Many organizations are grappling with the same issue: “How can we re-energize our workforce and build commitment while keeping within our (reduced) budget?”

Through education and empowerment, this newsletter offers 15 ways to offer your employees new ways to become engaged.

“Companies with a strong empowerment focus report low turnover and great engagement.”

Conclusion from “Top Workplaces in the Bay Area.”

The 15 Ways
Employees become more engaged if their organization is committed to their learning.

Introduce social networking and technology opportunities to enhance learning. Employees can share best practices on your company intranet or create your own intranet with these popular free or inexpensive options:

  1. Blogs and/or Wikis/Social Networks
  2. Social Cast
  3. Peer to Peer Training: Mentoring. Experienced employees assist to train and develop recent hires.
  4. Learn how the HR High Technology practices their craft and develop excellent e-learning programs. Find out how through attending a four-part NCHRA webinar.
  5. Offer employees customized training in communication, conflict resolution, meeting management, and management skill development.
  6. Facilitate special interest groups (exercise, games, cooking) to enhance community focus and cross-functional interaction
  7. Offer brainstorm sessions for ways to engage employees and involve them in problem solving company issues
  8. Offer educational, career and special interest opportunities (mentoring, partial tuition reimbursement, professional association dues)
  9. Add flex time, holiday time off, of other ways to recognize balance of work-family life
  10. Introduce relationships and work with non-profits (Habitat for Humanity, Breast Cancer Walk, holiday gift giving)
  11. Schedule regular town hall meetings
  12. Remove ratings from performance reviews
  13. Increase number and variety of employee engagement activities
  14. Encourage employees to give honest feedback on initiatives and respond to information received
  15. Review common team issues to find solutions that build morale and heighten engagement

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