Giants’ Secret Sauce

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While I am writing this, the San Francisco Giants are in the World Series. We in San Francisco have become a bit superstitious (in a good way) about even-numbered years… 2010, 2012….2014, we hope we hope!  How did they get from there to here?  There: Inconsistent, up and down season, lots of injuries, many surprising mistakes,… Read more »

15 Tips to Build Engagement and Boost Morale

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Many organizations are grappling with the same issue: “How can we re-energize our workforce and build commitment while keeping within our (reduced) budget?” Through education and empowerment, this newsletter offers 15 ways to offer your employees new ways to become engaged. Empower “Companies with a strong empowerment focus report low turnover and great engagement.” Conclusion… Read more »

Tips on Giving Feedback

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“Make feedback specific, adaptive, constructive and on-time.” Jill McGillen Specific: Give examples Adaptive: What is the most effective approach to the individual? Constructive: Build up with solutions, don’t tear down with negativity On-Time: Give feedback as close to the occurrence as possible Is it kind, true and necessary? If the spirit of kindness is present,… Read more »

Feedback For You

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“Feedback”. Does that word conjure up good or bad images for you? One of the most important and difficult tasks of a leader is to give constructive feedback. I jokingly say it is why managers make the “big bucks.” In fact it is trust that the organization confers upon the manager – trust that you… Read more »

Psychological Paychecks for Bay Area Employees

Employee Recognition.

I know somebody who works for the San Francisco Superior Court, where recently 200 jobs were eliminated. That is approximately 40% of the employees currently employed. She is one of the “lucky” ones…or is she? While her job is intact, her responsibilities will double due to the reduction in work force. You, too, may be… Read more »