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Given that we just left January and are speeding into 2015 with our New Years resolutions in hand, “less is more” seems relevant.

The phrase “less is more” was introduced originally in a Robert Browning poem, and it was an architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who brought it to fame with the concept of minimalist architecture, stripping everything down to its essential quality to achieve simplicity.

Why is less more?  According to work by Stephen Covey, esteemed author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the chance of realizing goals decreases with each additional goal over three.  In other words, the more you set out to achieve, the less you actually will.  When your goals are realistic (three or fewer), the more likely you are to achieve with excellence.

Goals - Less is More
Adapted from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, S. Covey

When I set too many goals, I do not succeed.  I have often heard the complaint from clients’ employees, “We’ve got so many goals, I don’t know which ones to work on.”

When I first began in consulting, I was told by an expert to reduce the number of PowerPoint slides to only the “pulsing essence” of the topic.  Now I notice how much easier it is for training program participants to understand and remember information when I practice “less is more” in my design and delivery of content.  Our brains already process so much information in the course of a day.  Instead of increasing the amount of content, I find it more effective to allow others to learn the same information in a variety of ways.  Go… “deeper rather than broader.”

Here are three ways that you can experience less is more with Next Turn’s services and products:

1. Training Programs:  Less (budget) can still mean more training:  Attend (or have someone in your organization attend) this popular and reasonably-priced DISC certification program sponsored by NCHRA (Northern California Human Resource Association). In so doing, you can offer your training programs to your employees in-house, with less cost and more sustainability than hiring a trainer every time.

2. Training Products:  Less spend and more training products….Now through February 28, 2015, all Next Turn products are 10% off when purchased through Next Turn’s retail web site. Just add the coupon code LESS into your shopping cart.

3. Website: Less is More…check out our new streamlined website….cleaner, simpler and easier to find products with our new search option!

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